The Barents Sea shelf is an attractive target as a prospective large petroleum province. Further development of geological and geophysical exploration in the area requires high-resolution biostratigraphic constraints and update stratigraphic charts. The zonal succession of Lower and Middle Jurassic assemblages of foraminifers and ostracodes of the Barents Sea fits well the division for northern Siberia based on correlated independent Jurassic and Cretaceous zonal scales on all main microfossil groups, of which some scales were suggested as the Boreal Zonal Standard. The stratigraphic range of the Barents Sea microfossil assemblages has been updated through correlation with their counterparts from northern Siberia constrained by ammonite and bivalve data. Joint analysis of foraminiferal and ostracode biostratigraphy and lithostratigraphy of the sections allowed a revision to the stratigraphic position and extent of lithological and seismic units. The discovered similarity in the Lower and Middle Jurassic lithostratigraphy in the sections of the Barents Sea shelf and northern Siberia, along with their almost identical microfossil taxonomy, prompts similarity in the Early and Middle Jurassic deposition and geological histories of the two areas.

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