The formation of the western margin of the Siberian craton in the Neoproterozoic is considered, with a focus on its transformation from a passive continental margin into an active one, accretion and collision processes, formation of island arcs and ophiolites, orogeny, and continent-marginal rifting. The evolution and correlation of sedimentary basins within fold-thrust belts of the Siberian Platform framing are considered. New structural and kinematic data on the Yenisei fault zone are discussed. On the basis of paleomagnetic data obtained for the structures in the zone of junction of the Siberian Platform and the West Siberian Plate, new models are proposed for the location of the Siberian craton relative to other paleocontinents and microcontinents in the Neoproterzoic. All these data provide a consistent evolution scheme for the western margin of the Siberian paleocontinent in the Neoproterozoic and constrain the position of the Siberian craton margin in Late Neoproterozoic (pre-Vendian) time.

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