Nonisothermal equilibrium physicochemical dynamics has been numerically modeled to estimate the effect of reduced asthenosphere fluids on continental lithosphere profiles beneath the Siberian Platform (SP). When the over-asthenosphere continental mantle is metasomatically changed by reduced magmatic fluids, the following sequence of zones forms: (1) zone where initial rocks are intensively sublimated and depleted by most petrogenic components; the restite in this case becomes carbonated, salinated and graphitized; (2) zone of Si and Fe enrichment and carbon deposition in initial rocks depleted in Na, K, P, Mn; (3) zone of diamond-bearing lherzolites enriched with Na; (4) zone of hydrated rocks enriched with K; (5) zone of hydrated rocks not enriched with petrogenic components. Zone 1 can be responsible for the formation of kimberlite melts, zones 3 and 4 can be substrates of alkaline magma melting, and zone 5 can be the source of mafic tholeiitic magma.

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