Thermal maturation for the top and base of the Jurassic in the West Siberian megabasin was modeled on the basis of the vitrinite reflectance (Rvt0) data using mathematical modeling and computer simulations. The values of thermal maturation are found to vary within substages PC3MC32 for the top (or being equivalent to PC3-MC12 on the periphery and southern part of the basin, or to MC2-MC32 in the north) and PC3-AC3 for the base of the Jurassic (or being equivalent to PC3-MC2 on the periphery and southern part of the basin or MC31-AC3 in the north). Thermal maturity levels of the Jurassic in West Siberia are controlled by depths of burial and peak temperatures which the source rocks were subjected to during this period. The situation is further complicated by high heat flows superimposed on the regional background, which are observed in deep fault zones and in the proximity of numerous igneous bodies.

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