Platinum group element (PGE) mineral assemblage has been discovered in the gold placers along the Burgastain Gol and Iljgen Gol (Western Mongolia). It includes isoferroplatinum (Pt3Fe) grains with inclusions of cooperite (PtS), laurite-erlichmanite (RuS2-OsS2), cuprorhodsite-malanite (CuRh2S4-CuPt2S4), irarsite-hollingworthite (IrAsS-RhAsS), and bowieite (Rh2S3).

It has been established that the isoferroplatinum assemblage was generated from a volcanoplutonic picrite complex in the Ureg Nuur area, which is widespread in the central part of the Harhiraa accretionary terrane. According to composition, the PGE mineral–Cr-spinel assemblage was referred to as the Ural-Alaskan type.

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