Study of morphostructures and Cenozoic deposits is important for reconstructing the history of the recent evolution of East Sayan and search for buried gold placers. Regional positive morphostructures of mountains with well-pronounced relief stages have been recognized in the Altai-Sayan area. The upper stage is referred to the Cretaceous-Paleogene; the middle one, to the Miocene-Pliocene; and the lower stage is dated at the Late Pliocene-Early Pleistocene. Negative morphostructures are recognized as a chain of intramontane basins and graben-like valleys of the Transbaikalian type. Troughs in the section bottom are filled with Cretaceous-Paleogene clayey crusts of weathering overlain by Neogene-Pleistocene deposits of complex composition. We studied the sections of Cenozoic deposits in the valleys of the Shinda and Verkhnyaya Chinzheba Rivers and made their palynological description.

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