An improved technique is suggested for quantifying seismic activity over averaging areas of an arbitrary size. The example of the Altai-Sayan seismic zone is used to substantiate the choice of a 1° N × 2° E averaging area instead of the traditional one of 40×40 km2. Maps compiled with averaging areas of different sizes can be spliced and correlated using a correction coefficient estimated in different models.

The new seismicity map of the Altai-Sayan area covers more than 90% of the territory and provides a generalized image of activity being advantageous over the classic maps as it allows better correlation of regional seismicity with the tectonic setting.

With larger averaging areas and, correspondingly, a greater amount of data in each area, one can obtain time series of seismic activity to be analyzed using mathematical statistics as a basis for mathematical modeling and simulation of the seismic process.

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