The study aims at developing petroleum potential criteria for reservoirs at the Paleozoic-Mesozoic boundary in West Siberia, by the example of the Chuzik-Chizhapka regional oil and gas accumulation in the Parabel District (Tomsk Region).

Oil and gas accumulations in formations of the Paleozoic-Mesozoic boundary were discovered in the Archa, Urman, Gerasimovka, Kalinovoe, North Kalinovoe, Tambai, Ostanino, North Ostanino, and other fields within the Chuzik-Chizhapka zone. Hydrocarbons are hosted by reservoirs of different lithologies and ages, including Devonian and Carboniferous organic, dolomite, and siliceous limestones and argillaceous-siliceous rocks.

Synthetic interpretation of seismic profiling and log data was used to model the geological structure of the Chuzik-Chizhapka regional accumulation, to develop potential criteria for reservoirs of the Paleozoic basement and weathering zone, and to suggest methods for detection of complex traps in upper Paleozoic strata.

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