First data on the geologic and geochemical compositions of kimberlites from nine kimberlite pipes of southwestern Angola are presented. In the north of the study area, there are the Chikolongo and Chicuatite kimberlite pipes; in the south, a bunch of four Galange pipes (I–IV); and in the central part, the Ochinjau, Palue, and Viniaty pipes. By geochemical parameters, these rocks are referred to as classical kimberlites: They bear mantle inclusions of ultrabasites, eclogites, various barophilic minerals (including ones of diamond facies), and diamonds. The kimberlite pipes are composed of petrographically diverse rocks: tuffstones, tuff breccias, kimberlite breccias, autolithic kimberlite breccias, and massive porphyritic kimberlites. In mineralogical, petrographic, and geochemical compositions the studied kimberlites are most similar to group I kimberlites of South Africa and Fe-Ti-kimberlites of the Arkhangel’sk diamondiferous province. Comparison of the mineralogical compositions of kimberlites from southwestern Angola showed that the portion of mantle (including diamondiferous) material of depth facies in kimberlite pipes regularly increases in the S-N direction. The northern diamond-bearing kimberlite pipes are localized in large destructive zones of NE strike, and the central and southern diamond-free pipes, in faults of N-S strike.

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