Isoferroplatinum mineral assemblage has been first discovered in the Simonovsky Brook gold placer localized in the Egor’evskoe gold-bearing district (Salair Range). It includes isoferroplatinum (Pt3Fe) grains with inclusions of cuprorhodsite CuRh2S4, braggite (Pt,Pd)S, vysotskite PdS, high-Pt rhodarsenide (Rh,Pd,Pt)2As, keithconnite Pd3Te, hollingworthite RhAsS, Cu and Fe sulfides, basic plagioclase, magnetite, epidote, quartz, kaolinite, and leucoxene. The assemblage might have been produced from small gabbroid bodies widespread in the northwestern Salair region, including those of the Uralian platinum-bearing type, or from gabbroids of other complexes.

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