Regional ore-magmatic systems (OMS’s) and metallogenic gold-silver belts in northeastern Asia are considered, with emphasis placed on their relationships owing to the effect of geodynamic settings and underlying and host rock sequences on the localization of gold and silver deposits of different types. Particular types of lithologic assemblages with specific mineralogical and geochemical features are persistent throughout the metallogenic belts, controlled by regional noble-metal OMS’s. Regional OMS’s with one-, two-, and multilevel local OMS’s producing different types of noble-metal mineralization are described. The problem of mineral typomorphism in metallogenic analysis has been first raised. This analysis permits one to recognize indicators of ore formation (a particular genetic type of deposits, their formation and denudation levels), sources of ore-forming fluids, regional specific geochemistry and its relationship with magmatism. Regular presence of platinum in gold-bearing metallogenic zones is shown.

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