Noble-metal mineralization in rodingites of the southeastern East Sayans was studied. Along with research into the lithology of the rocks, we carried out a complex analysis for their noble metals and major and trace elements. We elucidated some petrochemical features of the rocks and the distribution of PGE, Au, and Ag in rodingites from different areas. The rocks are shown to bear Pt-Pd mineralization. In addition, Pt and Au-Sn-Hg types of mineralization have been revealed in rodingites and pyrite-Pd-bearing metasomatites of the Khurai-Zhalga Massif. Platinoids accumulate mainly in the form of sulfides. Ore and noble-metal types of mineralization formed by transformation of rocks in the subduction zone and their enrichment with Pt, Pd, Au, Sn, and Hg. The ore components might have been supplied with fluids from the subduction zone as well as from the host rocks.

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