It is suggested to determine three independent elastic parameters of a medium (υP, υS, and ρ) by combined AVO inversion of compressional, shear, and converted reflections recorded by three-component land seismic profiling. The problem is considered in a linearized version under the assumption of almost invariable elastic properties on a rigid plane interface between two isotropic elastic half-spaces. The solution is obtained through an iteration algorithm that yields stable nonbiased estimates of model parameters. The stability and exactness of the solution has been tested by fitting and comparison of (PP + PS), (PP + SH), and (PP + SV) wave combinations. The combination (PP + SV) provides the optimum inversion, in the presence of up to 50% noise for P waves and 100% for S waves. The estimates from (PP + PS) and (PP + SH) combinations are less accurate being stable at noise 25 or 40% of the signal for P, S, and PS reflections.

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