I'd like to introduce the Glossop Medal Lecturer this evening, Professor David Norbury.

David has over 40 years’ experience in the investigation, interpretation and assessment of the ground for the construction of geological, geotechnical and groundwater projects, using all available tools and techniques.

He works to provide robust practical advice to clients from all professions, placing great importance on geologists formulating an appropriate model of the ground and communicating this to the design and construction teams and into working practices.

David's roles have included technical control and management of projects involving ground and groundwater problems in soils and rocks from a range of natural and man-made environments around the world.

Assignments have included input to construction and redevelopment of land, marine and underground works and nuclear licensed sites. Responsibilities have comprised the design, execution and validation of investigation, construction, forensic and remedial programmes.

He has provided Expert Witness services on a range of technical, planning and contractual disputes, including presentations at hearings and in court.

Since he set up his own business, David has enjoyed work on a wide range of projects. This has included expert opinion on ground-related structural problems, materials, tunnelling, pipelines, harbours, marine structures and mineral reserves.

He has expanded his mentoring and teaching work, giving lectures to a range of audiences, particularly on implementation of Eurocode 7 and soil and rock description. He has also found time to write a textbook on the description of soils and rocks in engineering practice.

David provides industry leadership in the description and classification of soils and rocks through publication, committee work, drafting of Standards and lecturing.

He has been lead author on BS 5930 and chairman of the 2015 Revision and is also leading on the UK's implementation of European standards on site investigation and testing and in earthworks.

David has also represented engineering geology at national and European levels within the wider professional sphere and … found time to be on Council too!

Without further ado … please welcome David Norbury.