The discussion of the Working Party Report on the preparation of maps and plans in terms of engineering geology (Q. Jl Engng Geol., 5, 293–382) by the London (UK) Section of the Association of Engineering Geologists (Q. Jl Engng Geol., 7,) confirms the general interest that publication of the report has aroused. Four of the speakers had been members of the Working Party, and many of the points raised had either been discussed in committee by members of the Working Party or were embodied in the comments received when an early version of the report was circulated and later discussed at the informal meeting held at the Institute of Civil Engineers in March 1971.

A great deal of effort was needed to produce both the final manuscript and the drawings of all the many illustrations in a form fit for publication. Revision in three years, as suggested, is a daunting prospect, and perhaps a decade would be a more appropriate trial period for the practical application of the recommendations made in the report.

It is pertinent here to comment on some specific aspects of engineering geological mapping raised in the A.E.G. discussion. The terms of reference of the Working Party were: (a) to consider the need for engineering geology maps; (b) to make proposals for the presentation of relevant information on such maps; and (c) to study methods of obtaining basic data required for their presentation. The need for engineering geological maps was dealt with, albeit rather briefly as Mr.

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