In China's mountainous areas to build road projects, often formed by the poor stability of rocky slopes, deformation damage cases occur frequently, due to the wide distribution of rocky landslides in the smooth layer, the unavoidable perturbation of engineering construction, the seriousness of the landslide disaster, the destruction of this type of landslides and prevention of the mechanism of the research can not be ignored. On 6 February 2023, a rock slide occurred in Yaoping village, Hubei Province, China. Based on field investigations, Google satellite images, Unmanned aerial vehicle(UAV) photography, indoor testing and numerical simulations, the geological situation, deformation characteristics, damage process and triggering mechanism were analyzed. The results show that the Yaoping landslide is a typical downward plane-sliding rock slide induced by highway excavation. When strain softening occurs, the shear strength and friction coefficient of the slip zone soil are significantly reduced. Excavation caused the Fos of the slope to decrease substantially, with a maximum decrease rate of 60.7%. Excavation is considered to be the extrinsic triggering factor that triggered the occurrence of the Yaoping landslide, while the reduction of landslide resistance caused by strain softening of the soil in the slip zone is the intrinsic direct factor that led to the occurrence of this type of landslide. Yaoping landslide has obvious traction landslide characteristics, the landslide from deformation to destruction of four stages: creep at the leading edge of the landslide, traction deformation in the middle and back of the landslide, slip belt softening and integral sliding. The prevention and control of this type of landslide requires a larger scope and depth of investigation, to identify in advance the possible soft surface in the rock layer, to speculate on the possible formation of landslide destruction mode, and to determine the support scheme and scope according to the geological conditions of the slopes on both sides of the highway. on the slip zone soil of the Yaoping landslide was used to obtain the strength index of the slip zone soil, which provides data support for the overall deformation characterization of the landslide.The results can provide a reference for the risk management and prevention of rock slides caused by human road excavation engineering activities.

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