The Kosova landslide is located in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This large translational landslide caused significant damage to the main road, located in the toe area, and to buildings on the slide mass during its most recent movement in May 2014. In this Photographic Feature the landslide and the associated building damage are illustrated and the authors’ views on future investigation and monitoring are expressed. It seems clear that the landslide has the potential to dam the Bosna River and to create significant risk associated with the hazards of flooding and subsequent landslide dam burst. As the river forms the border between the Federation and the Republika Srpska, the governance of the landslide risk management process is also a major issue that will need to be resolved. It is clear that a significant amount of work is required on the Kosova landslide and this Photographic Feature has been prepared to highlight the main issues, including building damage, and risks related to the landslide and to provide a very brief introduction to those who may visit it in the future.

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