EMODnet Geology Project work package 6 collects information regarding ‘Geological events and probabilities’, including submarine landslides, earthquakes, volcanic centres, tsunamis, fluid emissions and tectonics. The elaboration of guidelines to compile GIS layers was aimed at identifying parameters to be used to thoroughly characterize each event. Particular attention has been devoted to the definition of the ‘Attribute tables’ in order to achieve the best degree of harmonization and standardization complying with the European INSPIRE Directive. Due to the different geological settings of European seas it was necessary to elaborate a comprehensive and detailed pattern of attributes for the different features, in order to represent each occurrence at different scales. The huge amount of data received has been processed, validated and standardized, thus obtaining homogeneous data layers at a European level. Metadata and available information collated during the project are displayed on the EMODnet Geology Portal (http://www.emodnet-geology.eu/). By combining all these data it may be possible to elaborate additional thematic maps which could support further research as well as land planning and management. The Geological Survey of Italy is testing one of these potential applications, which addresses the production of a structural model for submerged areas in Italy.

Thematic collection: This article is part of the Mapping the Geology and Topography of the European Seas (EMODnet) collection available at: https://www.lyellcollection.org/cc/EMODnet

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