Anderson Road Quarry (ARQ) originally comprised two small quarries operated by independent companies. However, in 1997, the Hong Kong Government signed a contract with a joint venture between the two companies, KWP Quarry Co. Ltd, to form a platform for future land use and to create a stable and unobtrusive quarry face. On completion, the face was 1.5 km long and 210 m high. Such a massive slope needed to be divided into manageable portions both for registration and the assessment of stability necessary to demonstrate that it meets current safety standards. The assessments of the ARQ face demonstrate the value of an initial walkover prior to detailed mapping for selection of those discontinuities that are directly relevant to stability for subsequent measurement. An on-site review of the results of the kinematic analysis is also essential to confirm that they reflect reality. The identification of loose surface rock and overhangs, the likely results of blasting and inadequate initial scaling, and the identification of seepage, possibly forewarning of potential high cleft water pressures, are all essential observations. The ability of benches, particularly those established with vegetation, to contain falling blocks from above is also a major consideration.

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