Floor water inrush is a dangerous threat for mining and early prediction is of great importance. A desktop assessment of floor water inrush for coal seams #8 (#C8) and #9 (#C9) was conducted in Malan Coal Mine, China. Nine main controlling factors of floor water inrush were determined based on analysis of the geological, tectonic and hydrogeological conditions of the coalfield and the mechanisms of floor water inrush. Thematic maps of the main controlling factors were then obtained using the graphical visualization, data and spatial analysis functions of a geographic information system (GIS). The influence weight of each factor was estimated using the analytic hierarchy process method, and assessment models of floor water inrush for #C8 and #C9 were established. Vulnerability zoning maps of #C8 and #C9 were developed separately, and appropriate prevention and control measures against floor water inrush were proposed for different risk levels.

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