1. Introduction


The working party on the preparation of geological maps in terms of engineering geology was set up by the Engineering Group of the Geological Society. The following terms of reference were adopted by the working party:

(a) to consider the need for engineering geology maps,

(b) to make proposals for the presentation of relevant information on such maps, and

(c) to study methods of obtaining the basic data required for their preparation.


The working party met on several occasions during the period 1968–71; it was agreed at an early meeting of the working party that two sub-committees should be formed to consider:

(a)Regional engineering geological maps on a scale of 1 : 10 000 or smaller.

(b) Engineering geological plans on a scale larger than 1:10 000.

A combined first draft report was circulated to interested individuals, consulting and contracting civil engineering concerns, and to Government organizations including the Institute of Geological Sciences, the Building Research Establishment and the Transport and Road Research Laboratory. The first draft report was discussed at a joint meeting of the Engineering Group of the Geological Society and the British Geotechnical Society at the Institution of Civil Engineers on 17 March 1971.

This report is intended as a guide to engineers and engineering geologists as well as to geologists. It is not intended to be a Code of Practice on the subject, nor is it felt that such a document would be desirable at the present

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