5 October 1971 at 5.00 p.m.

A geotechnical map of the London Clay in the London and Hampshire Basins (Lecture with demonstration.) By A. D. Burnett.

Aspects of the study had been to establish mineralogical and sedimentological variations within the deposits and to relate them to a recently published palaeontological zonation of London clay. The regional structure and aspects of the deposits were presented as elevation contours, isopachyte and zone maps. This work was linked with a preliminary correlation by computer studies on the variation of engineering properties and presented as trend surface maps. These engineering properties were obtained from published work, site investigation data made available by numerous firms and by individuals, and from work carried out specifically for the study.

The whole rock and clay mineral distributions from several hundred analyses were illustrated by means of depth profiles, contour maps, ribbon diagrams and computer trend surfaces. Changes in the mineralogy and sedimentological conditions and in regional engineering properties were given and their influence and effect discussed.

Maps and sections from the London and Hampshire Basins were displayed.

11 November 1971 at 5.15 p.m.

Engineering aspects of glacial features in Britain (Lecture). By I. E. Higginbottom, P. G. Fookes, D. L. Gordon.

The occurrence and classification of British glacial deposits was reviewed. Their engineering properties and typical problems of design and construction were summarized and illustrated with case histories. Much of the lecture was devoted to the planning of site investigations in glaciated areas and the problem of adequately

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