It is now well established in the field of engineering geology that a comprehensive ground model is critical to the success of any engineered project. This ground model must contain elements of the site geology, geomorphology and geotechnics and demonstrate the potential interactions between these elements to be of value to the engineer or geologist working on a given project. The area around Grenoble in the French Alps offers an ideal field location to exemplify and demonstrate these concepts. Here there are a number of large engineering structures that highlight the importance of sound engineering geological investigation and the establishment of detailed ground models to understand problematic ground behaviour and performance. The area demonstrates the key issues of geotechnical hazard, vulnerability and associated risks, as well as the significance of understanding both the solid and superficial ground conditions. This field guide provides details on and discusses a variety of key localities where these issues can be fully demonstrated and explored.

Supplementary material:

Downloadable Google Earth site location file with additional photographs: Field guide to the engineering geology of the French Alps Grenoble.kmz is available at

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