Strength and durability of cement-stabilized laterite hollow blocks made with laterite soils at three different locations in Edo State were studied. To this end, blocks were produced with water content at about the optimum moisture with varying percentages of cement from 3% to 15% at 2% increments and compactive pressures ranging from 3.44 N/mm2 to 17.20 N/mm2. The result showed that for 7% cement content and 13.76 N/mm2 compactive pressure, blocks of strength of at least 2.0N/mm2 at 28 days, could be produced. The blocks showed no features of wear after exposure to rain with weight losses within permissible limits after 12-cycles of wetting-brushing-drying. Cost analysis showed that laterite blocks have 40% cost advantage over similar sandcrete blocks.

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