Design charts for the rate of settlement ofembankments on soft foundations aredeveloped on the basis of 2D consolidation during the construction and post-construction periods. The embankment loading is assumed toincrease linearly with time during construction and to remain constant thereafter.

The clay deposit is considered to consist of ahomogeneous layer of finite thickness and infinite lateral extent having cross-anisotropic permeability.

The hydraulic boundary conditions of permeable top and impermeable bottom are used for the most common case (a drainage blanket at the base of the embankment and a clay deposit with impermeable bottom) of 2D consolidation analysis.

The charts presented take into account the relative layer thickness of the clay layer, embankment geometry, cross-anisotropic permeability and construction period.

The paper reveals that the post-construction settlement becomes insignificant for relatively thick deposit with permeability in the horizontal direction much higher than that in the vertical direction.

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