A in Maghara spring is an important historical water supply for agriculture in the Jordan Valley region near the Dead Sea, and is of increasing importance for industry. In the last decade, a number of deep wells have been drilled in the area to supplement industrial needs. There is concern that exploitation of the deep aquifer system (Disi/Kurnub) and shallower alluvial aquifer may adversely affect the discharge or water quality of Ain Maghara spring. Stable isotope data, geochemistry, and 14C age dating all suggest that current water abstraction does not have a strong impact on the quantity or quality of water discharging from the spring. However, due to the increasing industrial demand for water, it would be prudent to continue the monitoring of geochemistry and isotope hydrology of the spring and surrounding wells to permit early identification of any changes in the hydrogeology of Ain Maghara spring.

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