Study of the geomorphic history of the Grangemouth area, based particularly on borehole data, has revealed a series of relative sea-level changes. Each major change in sea-level resulted in a particular set of drift deposits and, in one instance, in widespread marine planation. Through an understanding of the geomorphic history of the area some 2000 drift borehole records have been correlated and the areal and altitudinal limits of various deposits established. Much of this information can be portrayed on simple maps of value in site investigations and in local and regional planning. It is suggested that many badly planned site investigations involving expensive boring operations could be avoided not only in this area but in the country as a whole if such maps were available. This problem could be dealt with by the establishment in a centre such as the Institute of Geological Sciences of a computer data bank of drift borehole records linked with an advisory service staffed by suitably qualified specialists.

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