Earthquake hazard maps for Jordan are presented in this paper. These maps show the peak ground acceleration (PGA) on bedrock and modified MercaUi intensity (MMI), both with 907fb3e69crobability of not being exceeded during a period of 50, 100 and 200 years. The probabilistic PGA and MMI values are calculated based on the line source model in the computer program FRISK (McGuire 1978). The line sources in Jordan and the vicinity are identified to include nine distinctive seismic sources. The pertinent parameters of each line source, such as the b-parameter in the Gutenberg-Richter formula, the annual rate λ4 and the upper bound magnitude m1, are determined from two sets of seismic data: the historical earthquake records and the instrumentally recorded earthquake data (1900–1991). The seismic hazard maps are intended for preliminary analysis of new designs and seismic check of existing civil engineering structures.

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