This paper presents a set of experimental data that characterizes the Lower Pleistocene Pappadai Blue Clay in the Pappadai Valley, Taranto, southern Italy.

Basic geotechnical classification data are given, along with the results of chemical and mineralogical analyses which describe the variations of the properties of the clay for various vertical profiles through the deposit. These results reflect the near complete history of a sedimentary basin, add to the database for the blue clays of the Apulian Region, and provide a full description of the distribution of properties of a blue clay deposit. The variations of the properties of the clay can be related to the depositional history, to micropalaeontological studies, and to weathering process subsequent to deposition. The microstructure of the clay is studied using a scanning electron microscope.

Of particular interest are the relationships between the geological history of sedimentation, which is known with reasonable accuracy, and aspects of the mechanical behaviour of the clay.

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