The responses to the questionnaire sent in February 1993 to the members of the Geological Society covered far more than matters relating to the QJEG. No one who knows engineering geologists and hydrogeologists would have expected anything other than a general agreement to differ on many of their individual expectations. And so it proved. The number of hydrogeology papers, their standard, and speed and frequency of publication, all attracted comment, with many strong pleas for the separation of hydrogeology from engineering geology and its inclusion in a dedicated journal. This issue of a Supplement is to a large extent a direct outcome of some of those replies.

While it is not considered opportune at the present time to launch a separate journal, the Council of the Geological Society have agreed to fund one supplement in 1994 to be dedicated to hydrogeology, and a further two supplements in 1995. The members of the Editorial Board have been made fully aware of the concern of many hydrogeologists that publication of papers in their speciality might be restricted to a single annual supplement. We are assured, however, that hydrogeology papers will continue to be published in the QJEG so that none would suffer undue delay. Indeed, this approach might well radically speed up publication of papers, which in turn could encourage an increase in the number and quality of manuscript submissions. Ultimately, when sufficient numbers of suitable papers are being regularly received, a new journal might be considered, possibly with its own individual

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