Among the recurring suggestions listed in the responses to the 1993 membership survey undertaken by the Society, was the request for a higher profile for hydrogeology, and the inclusion of environmental geology. Hydrogeology has always featured in the QJEG (a paper on groundwater in Tehran appeared as early as Volume 1, Part 3) but the journal has not published in the environmental geology field before. We feel, however, that there is considerable potential for publications in both fields, and it has been decided that, as there are a number of excellent hydrogeological papers awaiting publication at the moment, a special Hydrogeological thematic part will be issued alongside Part 3 of the QJEG this year at no extra cost to subscribers. In addition, it is proposed to include environmental geology and waste management within the scope of the journal from now on. Readers of the QJEG can help this exciting new development by spreading the word that papers on the engineering geological or hydrogeological aspects of environmental protection and waste management can now be considered for publication.

Construction materials have always been of interest and concern to engineering geologists and this has been reflected in the pages of the QJEG from its inception. As early as Volume 1, No. 2, we had a seminal paper on the polishing of roadstones that described a test that is still in use today and which, over a quarter of a century, has contributed greatly to road safety in many countries. Construction materials continue to

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