The engineering properties of selected soil samples from Upper St Andrew, Jamaica and their suitability as sub-grades and sub-bases for road construction are presented. A few soil samples are potentially good for sub-bases (17 out of 42), namely the highly granular, non-plastic to low plasticity soils developed over highly fractured, slightly weathered igneous lithologies, coarse clastics or limestones. Clay-rich soils are unsuitable as sources of sub-grades. These were either bauxitic clays or clays within Alluvial Terrace and Alluvial Deposits, developed over mudrocks or highly altered igneous lithologies. Coarse granular soils with low plastic fines, developed over moderately weathered igneous lithologies or interbedded mudrocks and coarse clastics rated fair to poor as sub-grades but may be suitable if adequately drained and compacted and additional thicknesses of base courses added.

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