Definitions of geomaterials and related topics are given and inter-relationships between geomaterials and engineering activities discussed in relation to practice.

Weathering of rock mass material in geological time can have a direct and important influence on the durability of aggregate or construction stone in engineering time. Also the production processes in construction procedures can have an important influence on the mechanical strength of geomaterials. Durability, i.e. the rock's ability to resist degradation during its working life, is dependent on a number of important parameters; the original stage of weathering of the rock mass, the degree of imposed stresses during winning, production, placing and in service, as well as future climatic, topographic and hydrological environments. No one engineering test can be used as an absolute predictor of potential durability but a combination of engineering tests, such as water absorption, specific gravity, point load strength, modified AIV and magnesium sulphate soundness, provide the most reliable indicator of durability.

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