A Working Party was set up in February 1982 by the Engineering Group of the Geological Society. Members were chosen from different academic institutions, government bodies and industry to provide a balance of expertise and experience in the application of geophysical methods to engineering practice. A list of the members of the Working Party is given at the end.

The Working Party has presented the report in five main sections. An introductory section defines the objectives of engineering geophysics and makes recommendations on the design and implementation of geophysical surveys. Section 2 considers the applications and limitations of geophysical methods and the use of computers in the acquisition, interpretation and presentation of geophysical data. The following section is essentially a state of the art review of all appropriate geophysical techniques and procedures for specific geological targets, other than measurements from the air. Case studies are provided to illustrate the more commonly used methods such as seismic refraction profiling, electrical resistivity sounding and electromagnetic investigation of ground conductivity variations. Section 4 considers the application of geophysical methods to six main areas of ground engineering activity and can be used either directly or in conjunction with other sections of the report. Geophysical assessment of soil and rock properties is covered under a separate heading because of its increasing importance in engineering practice and the corresponding anticipated demand for a review of currently used methods.

A further section in the form of a Bibliography is provided as a supplement to these reports.

Selected bibliography

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  • Journal of Geotechnical Engineering (American Society of Civil Engineers. Formerly called Journal of the Geotechnical Engineering Division 1974 up to 1983, and prior to that, Journal of the Soil Mechanics and Foundation Division of the ASCE; USA)

  • Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology (The Geological Society, UK)

These journals should be scanned regularly for new and up-to-date techniques and case histories.

The following list of references to articles, papers and textbooks dealing with aspects of engineering geophysics may be considered to be the basic source reading for those involved in the practice of engineering geophysics.

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