There are now plenty of text books available on soil mechanics, foundations, retaining walls, slope stability and other related topics by UK authors and any new book should offer something fresh. This might be by treating the material with new clarity or by dealing with new material or by having a different teaching approach (e.g. by programmed instruction). This book is different from many others in the field, consisting almost entirely of worked answers to questions taken largely from CEI, ICE, University of London and Scottish Technical Education Council examination papers. There are very short sections of text (often only a few lines) introducing a particular topic followed by examination questions highlighted in boxes with model solutions. At the end of each chapter there are problems (also taken from old examination papers) with answers but without working.

The material covered in the book can be judged from the eight chapter headings: Physical properties and classification of soil, Permeability of soil and flow nets, Compressibility of soil and settlement of foundations, The shearing resistance of soil, Lateral soil pressures, The stability of slopes, Bearing capacity of soil and stability of foundations, Compaction and stabilization of soil. The material is similar to that which appears in the reviewer's undergraduate notes taken at Imperial College nearly 25 years ago and most of the examination questions used in the book could very well be of the same vintage. The material covered is decidedly old fashioned and nothing is said at all about the major

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