This paper summarizes the work done so far on stabilized compressed tropical soils as a replacement for sandcrete blocks. The study shows that the effects of compaction far outweight the effect of cement content in a compressed block; however, compaction pressures greater than 8 MN/m2 will increase neither the tensile strength nor the compressive strength significantly. The ratio √length × breadth/thickness is a very important ratio for compressed blocks, and the crushing strength increases with the increase of this ratio for constant compaction pressure and constant cement content. Thus the cinva-ram press will give the highest strength whilst the tek-block will give the lowest strength. The work recommends a minimum wet (soaked) strength of 1.4 MN/m2 for soilcrete blocks, and 2.8 MN/m2 for dry strength to be used for building. For the most economic benefit, a compactive pressure of 4–8 MN/m2 and a cement content of 5–9% are recommended for a commercial soilcrete venture.

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