An examination has been made of groundwater related problems experienced in the Forest of Dean since abandonment of the major collieries in 1965. Careful planning prior to abandonment of collieries can reduce the number of poor quality discharges, and so substantially limit surface water pollution. Small-scale mining activity continuing after major colleries have been abandoned can have a serious hydrogeological effect by removal of in situ coal from drainage barriers designed to promote free drainage of the mines. In association with the deterioration of lined river channels which retard surface water infiltration, this disruption of subsurface can result in a drainage significant loss of summer base-flow from surface rivers.

Two case histories show that safe disposal of wastes to voids in mined Coal Measures aquifers is possible. Prediction of the hydrogeological behaviour of the mined aquifer is, however, difficult because of the possibility of unrecorded workings, random collapse and associated ponding, and uncertainty over the hydrological behaviour of the coal barriers. Direct investigation of the groundwater flow regime using boreholes and water tracing techniques is recommended.

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