The Engineering Group held its Annual Regional Meeting for 1982 at Birmingham University from 13 to 17 September, hosted by the Department of Transportation and Environmental Planning. Dr Lees, the Head of this Department, well known to Fellows of the Society as a former Editor of the Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology, acted as local secretary, with the notable assistance of Major D. A. Parsons and Mrs J. Freelands of his administrative staff. Many thanks are due to Dr Lees and his staff for the success of the meeting and to Mr T. Spink, Mr R. A. Fox and Dr R. McDermott who played important roles in the organizing committee, and to the leaders of the field trips.

In planning this meeting and selecting its theme, it was intended to complement the meeting of the British Geomorphological Research Group which had the same venue and took place the following weekend. A high point of the whole meeting was the shared day when four speakers of international repute addressed a joint meeting of both groups. Former Editors of Q.J.E.G. were much in evidence on that day with Dr R. J. Chandler giving the Frost Lecture to the BGRG in the evening.

The theme of the conference was broad and reflected in some degree the nature of the Engineering Group which draws its members from a wide range of disciplines allied to, but different from, geology. This was amply demonstrated at the meeting where the theme, style and content of papers varied

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