5 October 1979

Sink holes in the chalk

Engineering Problems of Pipes and Swallow Holes in Chalk

I. E. Higginbottom (Wimpey Laboratories Ltd)

6 November 1979

The young research worker in engineering geology (Work in Progress)

Detection of Narrow Zones of Weak Bed Rock using Seismic Refraction Techniques

A. H. Smith (Chelsea College, University of London)

4 December 1979

(Joint meeting with Hydrogeological Group)

Field permeability testing

Introduction. By P. F. F. Lancaster-Jones (Consultant)

A study of vertical variation in the permeability of a Permian

Sandstone aquifer, using double-packer injection testing

M. Price (Institute of Geological Sciences)

15 January 1980

Site investigation contracts

I. R. Wood (Brunei University)

23 January 1980

(Held at the Institution of Civil Engineers, Great George Street, SW1)

Joint meeting with the British Geotechnical Society

Recent Geotechnical Applications of Acoustic Emission (Microseismic Activity)

H. R. Hardy (The Pennsylvania State University)

11 March 1980

Geothennal energy

Geothechnical aspects of hot dry rock: geothermal exploitation

A. S. Batchelor (Camborne School of Mines)

13 May 1980

Till in civil engineering

Till in civil engineering

R. F. Legget (University of Ottowa)

8–11 September 1980

16th Regional Meeting: Kingston-upon-Thames Engineering Geology Applied to Construction

Theme 1. Slopes and earthworks.

A building site on cambered ground, Radstock, Avon. By A. B. Hawkins & K. D. Privett.

Case history of encounters with relic landslip features in Northamptonshire. By S. J. Biczysko.

Stability of an abandoned cliff in Southampton. By M. E. Barton.

Rock slope stability and remedial measures for a residential development

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