10th October 1978

Engineering Geology Aspects of Dredging

The Geotechnical Approach to Dredging Water. By G. L. Wenlock and J. L. Webb (Alluvial Mining).

The Geotechnical Aspects of Estimating and Execution of Dredging Contracts in the Construction Industry. By M. Stone and M. De Haan (Zanen & Verstoep N. V.)

The Stability of Dredged Side Slopes. By R. J. Maddrell (Sir William Halcrow).

Site Investigation and Geotechnical Aspects of Dredging. By W. Tekamp (Fugro).

14 November 1978

Nuclear Waste

A Summary of Geotechnical and Mining Considerations of the Storage and Disposal of High Level Nuclear Waste in the United States. By D. Pentz (Golder Associates).

The United States is currently engaged in substantial research and development efforts to evaluate the disposal/storage of spent fuel assemblies and high level reprocessed waste produced from both commercial and military sources. The effort is directed from two federal agencies, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and the department of Energy (DOE). This paper dealt with geotechnical, hydrological and excavation factors of proposed depositories from the viewpoint of the NRC. The initial effort was related to bedded salt but is being expanded to other media, including salt domes, shale, basalt, and crystalline rocks. The primary difficulty has been in determining what are accepta-ble risks to future populations and then relating those risks to conventional understanding of underground excavations. An example is the relationship between deformation of a frac-tured rock mass and the resulting change in hydraulic parameters.

The paper demonstrated the areas of uncertainty

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