At the invitation of the Royal Society, and the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, the Fourteenth Regional Meeting of the Engineering Group of the Geological Society is to be held in Newcastle upon Tyne. This year there are marked departures from the traditional type of Regional Meeting in that the symposium, under the aegis of the Royal Society, is jointly sponsored by the Engineering Group and the International Association of Engineering Geology, and the official languages are French and English.

The object of the symposium is to provide an opportunity for engineering geologists and engineers to meet together to discuss the methods, application and usefulness of mapping in engineering geological terms to planning, design and construction in civil engineering.

It is now over a decade since a Working Party of the Engineering Group began work on the report on engineering geological mapping published in 1972. The International Association of Engineering Geology established in 1968 a commission on Engineering Geological Mapping and published in 1976 a guide to the preparation of engineering geological maps. It seems appropriate now to review present practices and applications, and to attempt a forward look at possible developments in the field.

The Symposium will consider the application of engineering geological mapping for planning, design and construction in Civil Engineering.

Topics for the technical sessions will be:

Session 1 Regional engineering geological mapping for planning purposes

Session 2 Hazard mapping in risk evaluation for engineering structures

Session 3 Civil engineering site mapping practice

Session 4 Speciality Sessions

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