1st March 1978

Joint Meeting, Engineering Group & British Geotechnical Society held at the Institution of Civil Engineers, Great George Street, SW1.

The Design of Slope Stabilisation Measures, Particularly Cuts and Fills and Trench Drains

The Design of Slope Stabilisation Measures. By J. N. Hutch- inson.

After a brief review of the main types of slope stabilisation measures, attention was centred on the two, most used of these; modification of the slope profile by excavation and filling, and drainage. Making use of the influence line concept, an analysis was made of the optimum positioning of corrective earthworks, in which the idea of a neutral line was introduced and its application indicated. Of the many types of drainage measures, only trench (and counterfort) drains were considered in detail. A simple, two-dimensional analysis was put forward for these and its predictions compared with the available field performance data in the UK. The clogging of drainage systems by siltation or by geo- and biochemical effects was also touched upon.

14th March 1978

Problems of Engineering Geology in the Central Andes of South America

Introduction: Outline of the Geology. By W. S. Pitcher (University of Liverpool).

A brief introduction giving an outline of the geology of the area and a special note on the rock-flows.

Tectonic Environment and Seismidty of the Andes. By G. K. Westbrook (University of Durham).

The Andes comprise several cordillera which are formed from volcanic rocks, including many active volcanoes, igneous plutons and faulted and folded sedimentary rocks. They are

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