This useful text book has been prepared primarily for use in the various technician courses now on offer in the Republic of South Africa, and for the Certificates of Competency for mine managers. The book is divided into two main parts, theory and practice. The first section of Part A is a brief summary of general geology, little more detailed than can be found in any good encyclopaedia, except for the final chapter which gives a review of the geology of South Africa. This is followed by a general section describing the methods of formation of economic deposits, fossil fuels, and precious and base metals, illustrated by examples from South Africa and complemented by a fairly detailed review of the various mineral deposits of that country, with a brief reference to those of the adjacent territories. The final chapter in this section deals briefly with the techniques of mineral exploration.

This concentration on South Africa might seem somewhat parochial, until it is remembered that South Africa contains many of the type deposits illustrated in more general books on economic geology and practically every important mineral is referred to, although there is a lack of examples of natural gas and oil occurrences.

The third section gives a fairly brief review of Engineering Geology, including Hydrology and use of rock in construction.

Part B, Practical Work, commences with a section devoted to map work including fairly elementary techniques of geological map reading and comprehension. This leads on to the solution of structural

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