17th May 1977

Engineering Geology in Canada. By R. F. Legget.

A review of available Literature indicates that engineering geology was utilized, if not by name, from early in the 19th Century. Some of the problems incurred in the development of the country were discussed and illustrated, with particular emphasis on methods of overcoming the permafrost conditions in the northern territories.

Regional Meeting: Cardiff, 12th-15th September 1977

Engineering Geology of Soluble Rocks

Day 1. Monday 12th September

Engineering Geology of the South Wales Coalfield and its margins—with particular reference to Carboniferous Limestone. By J. G. C. Anderson.

.The Geology of the Severn Estuary coastal margin. By A. B. Hawkins.

.The relationship between petrology, geotechnical properties and cave location of the Carboniferous Limestone of Derbyshire.. By F. C. Cox.

Engineering problems of karst landscapes—an overview. By P. Smart.

A case history of planning and design of part of the M4 Motorway over voided limestone bedrock near Bridgend. By D. Holt.

Seepage problems associated with the Marlstone at Empingham Reservoir. By P. Horswill.

Day 2. Tuesday 13th September Fieldwork

Day 3. Wednesday 14th September

Engineering Geology of Carbonate Rocks

Sinkholes and subsidence in the Transvaal South Africa. By N. E. Simons.

Solution subsidence phenomena in the Carboniferous Limestone of Anglesey. By P. Walsh and D. Baughen.

Engineering properties of Permian Limestone in Co. Durham. By J. R. Coffey and W. R. Dearman.

The effects of solution features on quarrying techniques and product quality. By D. Roberts.

Chalk pipes and swallow-holes; an engineering

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