This paper is the final of a series concerned with work conducted at the Ahmadu Bello University on lateritic soils. It summarizes the properties of cement, lime and bitumen stabilized lateritic soils and makes recommendations for field trials. For road construction, the recommended percentages of cement are 3 percent for A1 and A2 soils; 5 percent for A4 soils and 7 percent for A6 and A7 soils. Only A2 soils are recommended for stabilization with lime as base materials and a minimum of 6 percent lime should be utilized for field trial. Bituminous stabilization should be used for the sub-base course only on lightly trafficked roads. The recommended soils are A1, A2 and A3; and 2 to 4 percent of bitumen is recommended for field trial in the first instance.

Soil cement stabilization for low cost one storey buildings is advocated. 5 percent cement content is recommended in the first instance but this could be reduced depending on laboratory results. Reasons for the better success of cement stabilization with lateritic soils are discussed.

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