I. Introduction

In 1970 the Engineering Group of the Geological Society of London published the report of their Working Party on “The Logging of Rock Cores for Engineering Purposes” (Q. Jl Engng Geol. Vol. 3 1970 pp 1-24). There is little doubt that this report stimulated interest in core logging procedures in Britain and throughout the world. Work on the preparation of standards for core logging is now going forward in the United States (via the AIPG, now the APGS) and in South Africa (via the AEG).

The publication of the Geological Society report also may have stimulated some of the later publications commenting directly on core logging techniques or on associated problems of rock mass and material description, sample storage, data processing and allied topics. Some of the proposals in the 1970 Report were subject to criticism. However, the validity of this criticism and the utility of the Report proposals could only be assessed after some years of use of the Report as a guide to core logging. Accordingly, in July 1974 the Committee of the Engineering Group of the Geological Society, in conjunction with the United Kingdom Section of the Association of Engineering Geologists, set up a further Working Party whose function was to review the success of this Report and to seek opinion as to whether or not it was necessary to consider a revision which would incorporate such changes in the Report recommendations as would seem appropriate after five years of use.

The Revision Working Party

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