This issue of the Proceedings sees a changing of the editorial team, but one we are making by evolution, not revolution. Stewart Molyneux has been Principal Editor since 2003, and is stepping down after a long and fruitful run. Stepping down is the right phrase, rather than running away, because Stewart is retaining his editorial position to shepherd through those papers that he already has in hand. That is, he is keeping a steady hand in passing the editorial baton, all to the good of the Proceedings. This transition will take at least until 2018, when the papers from the Chalk Symposium will be published as a thematic set. Such a wealth of papers ‘in review’ and ‘in press’ is a positive statement as to the health of the Proceedings.

The new Principal Editor, Steve Donovan, has been a regular contributor to the Proceedings and has many years of editorial experience, most recently as editor-in-chief of Scripta Geologica and book review editor of Geological Journal. Steve is one of the farthest-flung members of Council ever, being based at the Naturalis Biodiversity Center in Leiden, the Netherlands, and has been discovering the wrinkles of commuting to Council meetings. That is, it is easy to fly from Amsterdam into Durham and Leeds on a Saturday morning, but the next flight back is on Sunday! Steve has been collaborating with Stewart since November to facilitate a smooth transition. His wealth of editorial experience ensures that the Proceedings are in good hands.

It is also a pleasure for us to recognize our third editorial musketeer, Jessica Pollitt, the production editor at the Geological Society Publishing House (GSPH). Jessica has been production editor for the Proceedings since 2007, overseeing all aspects of journal production and often being the first point of contact for authors. Much of her work goes on in the background, but is essential for the smooth running of the journal. We thank her for everything she does on behalf of the Proceedings.

This is also our chance to report on a major forthcoming change in the mode of submission by authors to the Proceedings. In parallel with the other journals produced by the GSPH, Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society will soon be accepting submission via the Editorial Manager online submission system. Details can be found here and this page will be updated as things progress: