The sequence of Jurassic and Cretaceous strata laid down in north Lincolnshire is traced northwards onto the Market Weighton High, and compared with the equivalent Cleveland Basin sequence as it is traced south onto the High. Understanding of the manner of operation of the High has long been hindered by the amount of erosion of strata over it, particularly in the Early Cretaceous. Facies analysis of the remaining strata present on either side of the High is used to estimate the thickness and the facies of strata originally deposited over it. Although there were periodic uplifts of the High, leading to increasing omissions of strata approaching it, there is little evidence that during the Jurassic the High was emergent for significant periods. Most strata were either originally present at Market Weighton in marginal marine facies, or continued across the High without interruption. The operation of the High in the light of modern understanding of crustal stresses during the Mesozoic is reviewed.

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