The Norber erratics are Late Devensian (28 ka to 14.7 ka BP) glacially-eroded, -transported and -deposited clasts occurring on the fellside known as Norber on the southeastern slopes of Ingleborough in North Yorkshire [SD 763699]. They comprise rocks of two ages: limestones and non-cleaved sandstones of Early- to Mid-Carboniferous age, and cleaved siltstones and sandstones of Silurian age. Results of field investigations indicate that provenance of the Carboniferous erratics cannot be determined except that they were riven from Askrigg Block outcrops somewhere to the north of Norber. Provenance of the bulk of the Silurian erratics is, however, established as a line of plucked cliffs on the outcrop of the Austwick Formation (Wenlock) in western Crummackdale in the vicinity of the Old Limekiln [SD 770707] c. 1 km to the NNE of Norber.

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