Since the ichnogenus Selenichnus, subsequently renamed Selenichnites, was first introduced in 1987, nine ichnospecies have been assigned to the ichnotaxon. The records are from all of the continents and range in age from Cambrian to Jurassic. These occurrences are reviewed and are found to include a diversity of morphological forms, some of which we believe should not be included within Selenichnites as defined in the original diagnosis. Also some of these ichnotaxa are inadequately described and without named ichnotypes. Consequently we propose emended ichnogeneric diagnoses for Selenichnites and Limulicubichnus, an emended ichnospecies diagnosis for Selenichnites rossendalensis, and re-assignment of some of the published ichnospecies to two new ichnogenera, Crescentichnus and Faciemichnus. The ichnospecies here assigned to the two new ichnogenera are: C. antarcticus comb. nov., C. langridgei comb. nov., C. tesiltus comb. nov. and F. belosis comb. nov.. Herradurichnus, previously regarded as a junior synonym of Selenichnites, is retained and considered to be distinct from Crescentichnus.

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